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Define New Boundaries is a lifestyle clothing brand that promotes the pursuit of what genuinely brings you joy. When you go after what you want, you're living life as a definer; our clothing is just a reminder always to live life defining new boundaries.

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What is captured in perhaps one of history's stranger portraits, is the representation of true friendship.  "I've got your back," literally.  My name is Ben; I'm the one in the back, and this is my best friend, Dalton. 





DNB, in whatever form, has always been a staple of our friendship.  We have redefined our goals so many times, and that has led us to what I believe we have always been chasing, the opportunity to bring others joy.  Beyond our names, Dalton and Ben, “DNB” has recently adopted new meaning.  We have always defined new boundaries for ourselves and felt that this is a lifestyle we want to share with others.  That is how we came up with what you see now, the brand, DNB, Defining New Boundaries.


As we are fortunate enough to have been able to do throughout our friendship, we encourage you to continue to define new boundaries for yourself in whatever it is that you do.  Find joy in hard times, happiness in sad ones, and always find new ways to make you and your friends laugh.


We are loving our journey and hope you can enjoy it too!


Keep on defining,


Dalton and Ben

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We started DNB after a short, but successful, trick shot video career.  After peaking by getting one of our golf trick shots aired on Nickelodeon, we quickly reached our trick shot threshold; it was time for us to move on.  The next viable movement would be, you guessed it, entering the hot sauce game.  After retiring HoleeeGolfShots, later renamed Trick Shots U, our careers as hot sauce connoisseurs marked the birth of DNB.  Soon DNB Hot Sauce was going to be stocking shelves nationwide! Even sooner, we discovered making hot sauce is really (expletive) hard.


At the time, I had just begun getting into video editing after taking a course on the subject in my undergrad.  So hot sauce wasn't our calling, but maybe filming fun videos was.  Every time we got together, it was videos, videos, videos.  We began to make a new path for ourselves as the quick-cut, magic-making video princes. (Princes, of course, to the real king, Zach King).


We gained a good amount of traction among our friends and family; our videos spread some.  Anyone who saw them always shared a laugh — laughing with us? Or at us? Who knows, but they were laughing, and so were we, so we were happy.


Do you have a story about what makes you a Definer? We'd love to hear it! Send us an email here or message us through social media. #DefinerFam

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